Tugas. Arti Business

Mengenang Tugas Saat Kuliah, disuruh buat tugas, arti dari business, di rangkum sedetil mungkin.

What is the business?
Business is a word that is usually used in many different languages. But what of the actual business? concepts and business activity has increased in this modern era. traditionally, business simply mean trade or exchange something that people want or need. This business has grown more defenisi the technique. defenisi about a business is the production, distribution, and sale of goods and services for a profit. defenisi to test this, we will see in some part of it.

First, the production is the creation of / or services, or changes of materials (raw materials) into products (finished). One example is the change in iron ore into the metal on the car. Furthermore these products need to be moved from the factory to the market. This event is known as the distribution of a car that may be transferred from a factory in Detrioit to a car dealership in Miami.

Third is the sale of goods and services. Sales is the exchange of a product or service to get the money. A car sold to someone with money to be exchanged. goods are products that people also need or want, for example, the car can be classified as goods. Service on the other hand, is someone or a group of activities that people do to other people or organizations. as an example, a mechanic when he provides services to improve a car. A doctor also will provide a caring service to the people when they are sick.

Bisni, then, is a combination of all this activity: production, distribution, and sales. however, there is one other important factors. This factor is the creation of economic profit or surplus. The main objectives in the United States is the company's business benefits. profit is the money remaining after all costs are paid. therefore, the creation of economic surplus or profit, is the main business activity.